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Python Length of String

How to Find Python Length of String by len() Method

Python Length of String by len() Method: Hello Everyone this is Shivam. First of all, I would like to thank you for visit to my post on Python Length of String.  that is used to easily find the length of a string. It is a simple and quick way to measure a length of a string (number of character) with using lots of programming codes.

Python Length of String (Example):

You may evaluate a few characters, where a user enters in a text field, and get an error and the text is too long. Then the user will use the len() function to quickly calculate the length of a string.


The Syntax of this len function is straightforward and easy to use.

Following are the Syntax of len() method-
str = hey, there is a string len function method on codinglio
print = string length:, len( str )

Return Value:

If you find the length of string str, So, need to pass it through the len() method. Then your answer will be the number of character form in the string, and that includes the spaces. If the numbers of string “str” are 60, include commas, periods, exclamation, apostrophes, and spaces. So, the output of the codes as follows-

Example: string length: 60

-: Then the len() method will also count the numbers along spaces, such as-

str = “they have 5 chocolate.”

print = “string length:”, len( str )


The output of the above code, where the string str characters is 17, include spaces, commas, apostrophes, numbers, and period, as follows-

string length: 21

Why We use Python Length of String?

-: We use Python Length of String method to optimize performance with len(). The number of elements is stored in the object not calculated, so the len() method is fast.

The len() method does not take any type of parameters to another name of the string.


 The another len() call the test an empty string. The len() string has zero characters but it is not any.

Conclusion : 

In order to find Python String length, It is used to easily find the length of any string. A len() method is a simple and fast way to measure the length of a string without write to many codes. len() method is fair and straightforward. The length method will count the numbers, commas, spaces, and exclamation of a string. When the Python Length of String method calculating the length, then the python will count all characters, include white spaces and special characters.

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