Fri. Jul 3rd, 2020

Strategic Product Content Marketing: Focus On SEO and User Experience

After all these years, the results and effects of hard sell and traditional mindset of advertising have been diminishing faster than we have expected for many companies doing business in Hong Kong. A new way is need to break through the bottleneck in sales and revenue growth. Therefore, content marketing has emerged. When marketing your content in the internet, you will need to get ongoing and regular supply of content. Creating the content and arranging the availability of it in time is the role a content strategist should involve.

The consultation or advice from a professional Hong Kong SEO company is required, and this is why. The role that involves content strategy and content marketing nowadays gradually require the individual person or specialist to even have a great understanding in search engine optimization (SEO), user experience, and social media marketing. Most of the created content will have to be integrated into the company website seamlessly.

The content strategy specialist (working in the HK market) is expected to have the analytical skills which are necessary for the collection of core business and user insights. Through the data insights (of the perspective of the target audience or users), a long-term vision for the right/appropriate content has to be generated through a proper content production project. This is followed up by professional project management. It is a plus for the content strategist to possess the experience in project management which will help the role to keep projects on track and within budget.

The content created should not be limited in a single media form – i.e. Text or article based. While the content strategist makes plan for the copywriters to produce the brand story of the Hong Kong business for the audience, the content can always be and should always be re-purposed to be re-posted in other social media sites or platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, industry forums, and more. The medium may include videos, audio files (i.e. podcast), images, infographics, etc. That is why working with designers who can create multimedia is an important aspect.

Content specialists are expected to make use of tools to gather data. Examples of tools may be for keyword research. Third-party tools such as Uber suggest, or Google’s official tools including Keyword Planner and Google Trends will always give an edge to the work in content strategy and content marketing. The Google tools are especially useful as the data they provide can be filtered by location (such as Hong Kong).

To move a level up, the content strategist must also understand the inside-out of the product that she’s marketing to the Hong Kong audience. i.e. she has to also fit into the shoe of a product marketer. As a product content strategist, you are expected to produce content that can empower consumers and increase product adoption.

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