May 25, 2024

What Computer Power Supply Cables Do You Need


Of course, the power supply cables that run to the different components of a computer from the Computer Power Supply are basically standardized. However, there are three important types that you definitely want to check especially for compatibility with your PC. Let’s check them out!

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  1. The main motherboard cable

The main motherboard cable of a computer power supply runs to the motherboard directly from the power supply. The cable plugs into your motherboard using 24 0r 20 pin plug. If you buy a high-end Desktop Power Supply plug, you are likely to find it having 20 in plug and extra four pin plug which allow you to plug the unit ant type of motherboard. Whenever you are buying a HP Power Supply, or a power supply for any type of laptop or desktop computer, you should always pay close attention to the number of pins your computer motherboard uses and then ensure that you pick a power supply that will be able to handle it.

  1. GPU power cables

GPU power cables run directly from the Computer Power Supply to a graphic card. In case you are using a graphic card that does not require separate power, or if you are not using a graphic card, there is nothing to worry about. Graphic cards that don’t require separate power basically use either 8 or 6 plug in. Besides, there are also some bigger cards that require even two cables. Most computer supply cables that are powerful and able to run gaming rigs are great as they offer you a pair of cables the graphic cards. Such cables also offer you a 6 pin plug and extra 2 pin plug to ensure that they effectively accommodate whichever card you are using.

  1. CPU power cables

Just like the name suggests, CPU power cables are mainly used to power CPU. So, if you are buying a Desktop Power Supply, you should pay close attention to its CPU power cable. These cables also run to the motherboard. They often come in various pin varieties. Precisely, CPU motherboard cables come in 8, 6, and 4 pin varieties. Even though rare, some high-end CPU motherboard cables offer combinations such as 8-pin plus additional 4-pin connection to effectively spread out the voltage.

When buying HP Power Supply, Lenovo Power Supply, or a power supply for any other computer, you should always remember that you will also need cables for many other components, including optical drives, case funs, hard drives, and so on. You can always get quality Computer Power Supply units at

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