June 22, 2024

5 Common Etiquette Tips to Get the Most Out of Drip Campaigns


Needless to say, email drip campaigns are far more targeted and less spammy than traditional email marketing campaigns. The ability to set triggers, diversify the email settings, and personalize the messages based upon the response of the recipients makes drip emails more effective and flexible. However, in order to achieve the best results from Snovio Email Drip Campaigns, you should keep certain key etiquettes in mind.

So, here are some common etiquette tips to help you navigate right into the hearts of your prospects through their inboxes.

1. Set the email sequence right

The sequence in which you set to send the series of emails plays an important role in influencing the number of conversions you’re likely to get. Hence, you should pay close attention to the whole sequence and set it up based upon various factors like the total number of email messages in the series, the goal of the entire sequence, the value each email message adds in the series, how well email messages connect to the previous one, and so on.

Every email in the series must be based on a trigger or timing. It should be in perfect sync with the goal of your email drip campaign and make sense when read with the previous email.

2. Pay attention to email timing

When we say timing, we are talking about two different aspects of timing here. One is the time when an email message hits the recipient’s Inbox and the second one is the time lag between two emails that you send. It’s not just enough to choose the right recipient but it’s equally important to deliver the email at the right time. So, set up the timing properly when setting up your email sequence.

Always consider the time zone and the schedule of the person you are targeting. For instance, if 11 AM is the right time to catch the recipient, set the campaign to be delivered at that exact time. Try to avoid the time when the recipients are likely to be less active and attentive to read your messages.

Similarly, talking about the interval or time lag between two emails, it would be a huge mistake to send the next email on the same day if the recipient hasn’t read or responded to the first one. You should make the interval look natural so much so that each of the recipients gets a feeling that the email is sent manually.

3. Don’t forget to personalize every email

Keep in mind that automation should not turn your campaign into a bulk email campaign. Otherwise, there will be no difference left between drip emails and mass emails. Personalization is what sets apart drip emails from their traditional counterparts. You can personalize the subject line as well as the body of the email.

4. Respect the prospects

Always respect the preference and privacy of your prospects. This can be done in a number of ways, including allowing them to unsubscribe from your emails, responding to their queries, using the right salutation and writing style, etc.

5. Keep the emails friendly and informal

Try to keep the emails natural and friendly, in fact so much that the recipient feels like responding to your message right away. Stay polite and keep communication short and sweet. Don’t try to hard sell anything. Also, avoid unnecessary distractions: bear in mind, one CTA is quite enough.

May etiquette follow you

These 5 tips are just some of the etiquettes that most beginners tend to forget. Keep these in mind while setting up your drip campaign and you will see a considerable improvement in results.

Luckily, all of the things mentioned above can be applied within Snovio Drip Campaigns builder:

you can create a triggered email sequence with schedules and delays, add custom variables, and compose each email in a really personalized way.

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