May 25, 2024

Crypto Market Analysis Showing Signs Of High And Low


According to the crypto news, the overall cryptocurrency analysis in terms of market caps has been suffering from the marginal loss of 1{3ae6716d1773e2ed9eec313c8e003d66dec7d8bfee2331cd3da3771bc8d6d761} over the past week. In a week, the market cap has come down from $121 Billion to $ 113 Billion. The top cryptocurrencies have come down to their lowest in the mid-December and have continually been showing the signs of going further down. The first month of the new year has been different comparatively for several cryptocurrencies.

Major Cryptocurrency Losers

On the chart, Bitcoin has got the immense support at the mark of $3500. However, after repeatedly getting tested for the support, the Bitcoin has finally given up and has gone down to $3400 from $3680. Several attempts have been made but still,the price is stuck at $3400. Stellar price has been suffered majorly this week along with others. The NEM and Bitcoin cash has become the biggest loser of the week and has also gone down from their ranking.

Major Cryptocurrency Winners

EOS and Tron have been the major winners in the list of top 5 cryptocurrencies. They have gained their value during the selloff. In the last 24 hours, a major recovery sign in the market has been shown once EOS gained its 2{3ae6716d1773e2ed9eec313c8e003d66dec7d8bfee2331cd3da3771bc8d6d761} of the value. During the past week, Tron has only been the cryptocurrency that hasactually gained its value among others.

Investigation Claiming Money Laundering

It has been reported that the Fortnite’s digital currency is being exploited to launder the money by targeting the hugely popular video games on the dark web. Over 200 million people play the online battle game Fortnite and are very popular among teenagers as it is free to play and on every gaming platform it is available. Fortnite has been caught on the radar because of its in-game currency V-bucks and the way it is being used by cybercriminals for money laundering.

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