May 25, 2024

How Fast Would You Be Able to Restore Systems in The Event of a Disaster?


What if you can restore the items that users needed first in the event of a disaster, and worry about the rest later? This will enable you to separate the 1st and 2nd tier storage, thus making this approach conceivable. What is more, with MLtek Software you would not need to re-install any client workings to get back up as well as running, thus making recovery in the event of a disaster much faster.

Free space on your expensive 1st tier storage

The less data you try to store on your1st tier storage the longer it will last. Everyone has known one time or another when you stipulate a new storage system byforecasting the amount of space you will need in a few years’ time and then you add something from 20{3ae6716d1773e2ed9eec313c8e003d66dec7d8bfee2331cd3da3771bc8d6d761} – 100{3ae6716d1773e2ed9eec313c8e003d66dec7d8bfee2331cd3da3771bc8d6d761} just to be sure. A year passes, you find the data has grown far more than anyone anticipated, and you must start looking at buying extra space for your SAN or assigning extra shelves. This is something that will help you domesticate that growth thus encompassing the life of your file systems.

Ensure regulatory compliance

In Europe there are GDPR guidelines, and most other countries have something that is comparable. These guidelines almost always require companies to consider how long they need tokeep data for. Meeting these requirements is extremely challenging for many companies, particularly if they have a lot of data that was unstructured. We will enable you to specify how long you want to keep file system data before it is disposed of.

Cut the amount you spend doing backups and other services

Old data does not change very much. Yet each time you do a complete backup of your systems you are backing up this old content. With these old files moved off to 2nd line storage you are able to back them up less frequently, thus saving money on backup costs.

What next

Feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions about ArchiverFS as therefore we are here to help.

Download copy

When you download a copy of ArchiverFS it comes with one free licence that allows you develop up to 5 scheduled jobs. The only restriction is a limit of 100 files processed every time a job runs, which is picture-perfect for deployments that are smaller or those looking to test drive this product.

If you would like to know more about their solution for yourself head over to their website where you can find all kinds of useful information.

Organizations using program

Organizations supporting tens of thousands of users around the world in over 40 countries rely on ArchiverFS. Our customers include government departments, multi-national enterprise scale companies, many small and medium size businesses and even educational establishments including multiple world renowned universities.

Selection of customers

Please find below a selection of our customers, including a description of who they are and what they do. Reference sites are available for those who are looking at larger deployment.

Wells Fargo (

1700 Lincoln St, Denver, CO, United States

Wells Fargo & Company is anexpanded financial service area company providing banking, investment, insurance, mortgage, and commercial and finance through over 9,000 outletsas well as 12,000 ATMs and the Internet ( and all crosswise North America as well as internationally. Wells Fargo decided to use this program product as the solution of choice for managing old data in their file systems.


GEA Process Engineering A/S Gladsaxevej 305 DK-2860, Soeborg Denmark

The world-wide technology group emphases on process components and technology for cultured making processes in various end-user markets.

In 2016, GEA producedcombined revenues of about EUR 4.5 billion. The beveragesand food sector, which is an industry with long-term growthaccounted for around 70{3ae6716d1773e2ed9eec313c8e003d66dec7d8bfee2331cd3da3771bc8d6d761} As of December 31, 2016, the group, employed about 17,000 people worldwide.

Our solution is in use at the process engineering center in Denmark managing the companies file storage systems.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group (

Nieuwstraat 75-77, Eersel, The Netherlands

Scandinavian Tobacco Group is a world leader in the manufacturer of cigars and traditional pipe tobacco. They hold a leading position in the fine-cut tobacco category in the Scandinavian, US and other markets.

This Group employs over 7,600 people in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, Indonesia, New Zealand, Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States.

They have deployed the solution to 30+ offices worldwide, saving vast amounts of document storage space, reducing backup costs and significantly increasing the ROI on the organisations file storage systems.

Transatlantic Reinsurance Company (

One of the leading re-insurances and specialist insurance organizations in the world. Employ’s 1000’s of people across almost every continent. The solution is used at the regional data centers that include New York, Hong Kong and Europe to manage the file systems there.

A lot of archiving products struggle to integrate with technologies like DFS, but as you can see from this guide ArchiverFS has no such problem.

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