May 24, 2024

6 Popular Social Media Platforms That Helps You Boost Your Business


Today, the rising of social media platforms is inevitable, and many benefited from it. Business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, influencers, celebrities, politician, religious sect, bloggers, vloggers, and even ordinary people are taking advantage of social media. As technology rises, the competition is also increasing among the business industry. Many business owners are already into social media marketing because it works until now. It is easier to use social media to create awareness and get leads and the real-time result of your business goals. Almost all people have at least one social media account, and you can find a lot of people on Facebook as they said, the platform is very user-friendly. All kinds of the market can be found on social media, and you can even filter what market you want to sell your brand. With so many social media platforms, there are six that are very popular amongst users around the world. Let’s talk about more about these platforms.

Business Boosters: 6 Popular Social Media Platforms You Should Try


One of the most popular, or perhaps on the top is Facebook. Since its creation, many people are getting hooked up with its platform. The concept of Facebook is brilliant as it connects people from across countries and even long lost friends or relatives is easier to find. Due to its free of use, many people take advantage of it. Today, you can see a lot of influencers that are using Facebook to generate leads as it is a compelling platform. The contents are shareable and very easy to go viral that is why business owners love this platform. But of course, they need the best social media marketing company NYC to help them utilize this platform.


For the creative side, Pinterest is very powerful, especially among women. If your business is on the creative side such as cooking, home decoration, interior design, photography, and events, then Pinterest is the right place to cater your business.


Videos are easy to create but hard to edit and conceptualize, but despite the challenges, many people are into making it. A vlog will either make you or break you. If you go to youtube, there are many aspiring influencers out there, singers, dancers, actors and actresses, and a lot more who are trying their luck in vlogging. Business owners also use this platform to create awareness on their campaign and of course, to generate sales.


If you are into organic leads, go for Instagram as it allows you to do so. Unlike Facebook, Instagram is somehow private and lets you see people who follow you and the people you follow and interact with them. But remember that Facebook also owns Instagram, so they are somehow similar to each other. If you are into filtering your target market, then Instagram is the right place for your business.


If you are into a higher market or people who have titles, then LinkedIn is just the right platform. You can quickly filter your consumers and see who the people who can deal with are. If you are also looking for business partners and employees, then this platform is beneficial. It will not only lead you to your customers, but you can also check out who can help your business grow.


Hashtag, no other than Twitter. If you are into creating posts or hashtags that people can easily find your service, then this platform is what you are looking for. Many people are active on social media every day. If you are undecided on what you should utilize, you can go on to this office so they can help you with social media marketing.

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