July 20, 2024

A Technical and Objective Analysis of a Telephone Conversation


In accordance with the research of psychologists, in the process of a telephone conversation, on average, about 20{f2fdb154f0bf8dc17cea8f9397e36f5aaa867f0c7289f86d7d02b22f8566fafc} of information is perceived, in the course of personal communication 80{f2fdb154f0bf8dc17cea8f9397e36f5aaa867f0c7289f86d7d02b22f8566fafc}, and during a video call session 60{f2fdb154f0bf8dc17cea8f9397e36f5aaa867f0c7289f86d7d02b22f8566fafc}. That is, if visual non verbal language (gestures, facial expressions, etc.) is added to the interlocutors’ communication via the sound (audio) channel, then the interlocutors increase the efficiency of information perception.

As can be seen in its psycho physiological parameters, video communication is quite close to personal communication and far exceeds the capabilities of telephone communication.

Where do they use video and video conferencing?

Today, video communications technology is positioned worldwide primarily as an effective means for streamlining business processes, including reducing the number of business trips, saving representative, transportation and overhead costs. To know more about conference room equipment seek help online.

Currently, video conferencing is no longer such an expensive technology as a few years ago, and not only large companies, but also quite limited ones, can afford it.

As shown by Western studies

For his life the average manager spends 3 years on the plane, 2 years on the way to and from the airport, 23 months waiting for your flight, 11 months waiting for a transfer from flight to flight and 3 months in search of a parking space. Where you need to achieve high learning ability, rapid absorption of the material and where you want to convey the emotions of the speaker.

Domestic experts go further

“It is better to see 1 time than to hear 100 times.” “… during a telephone conversation, you can transfer only a tenth of the broadcast information …” “… Nonverbal forms of communication facial expressions and gestures carry up to 80{f2fdb154f0bf8dc17cea8f9397e36f5aaa867f0c7289f86d7d02b22f8566fafc} of the information …”

If you need to immediately assemble in one (albeit virtual) meeting of numerous and extremely busy leaders and experts at various levels, often located in different geographical locations.

Video and video conferencing software solutions

Software solutions for video communication and video conferencing require a personal computer with a webcam and headset connected to it. These programs are free (Skype, etc.) and paid. Their main advantages minimum initial investment (camera + headset) the possibility of video conferencing with several participants (not all programs support) low price (or free).

The main disadvantages of software solutions for video

  • low video quality (low resolution and low frame rate)
  • a sharp deterioration in the quality of video conferencing
  • A very high PC load, which makes parallel work on a PC not comfortable.

Video and video conferencing hardware solutions

Hardware solutions for video communication and video conferencing are much more expensive than software, but they are deprived of all their shortcomings. Hardware video solutions provide television (including HD) image transmission quality, support the connection of various external video signal sources, ensure stable operation, and have many other advantages, which are discussed below.

The markets for software and hardware solutions for video conferencing and video conferencing have a different audience. Software solutions are cheap, but they are tightly tied to PCs and are seriously lagging behind in the mass of indicators, primarily in quality.

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