July 19, 2024

In a world where privacy is something sought after due to it being extremely rare to come by, people do a lot of different things to acquire it. Let it be transitioning to Bitcoin since it works on Decentralisation and some people also install VPN’s to their browser. This will help your privacy when surfing the web and allows complete freedom, something that is also sought after nowadays.

What Are VPN’s?

Virtual Private Networks or VPN for short originated specifically for business in the early 2000. When someone was accessing a company’s database but needed a secure connection in order not to be hack companies started investing in VPN’s. VPN’s are a method of the everyday user to seek protection in an easier fashion. Nowadays VPN’s are used by everyone to ensure digital privacy, are easier to use and more affordable than ever.

How do VPN’s work?

The Purpose of a VPN is to create a secure and private connection with multiple people and different devices across the internet. It never hurts to be secure in an age where everyone wants to look at your business. VPN is like a network which devices are connected directly to each other, except they use the internet to make this connection. The benefits of VPN because clear when people started noticing that the benefits of having one are of great importance.

Perks of Owning a VPN:

Censorship and Geo-Restriction:

Censorship and Geo-Restrictions are two and the biggest reasons why one should own a VPN, in a heavily censored country owning a VPN provides the user with the ability to bypass this censorship in a safe manner.

Geo-Restrictions are extremely common too, for example, Americans cannot access online game sites due to the legality of it. What Americans can do is twofold, either transfer their money from the US dollars to some form of CryptoCurrency like Bitcoin and/or Etherium or they can subscribe to a very good VPN. What would happen is that the VPN would mask your original IP Address by creating a fake one as to show that the IP is originating from a more Valid Country. Whilst doing this you should also check out bitpokerstar.com where you will find the best reviews of plenty gaming sites that accommodates Americans, which also cater for bitcoin users alike.

Kill Switch Protection:

Always strive to find a VPN with a Kill Switch function, if you are accessing something with a VPN and suddenly your connection is lost all your information is out in the open. What this kill switch does is that it stops all the data being sent to the internet until a safe and secure VPN connection is re-established. This is crucial in being safe so when researching different VPN’s make sure you find one with a kill switch.

There are many other perks like avoiding surveillance the ability to connect with any device on the internet, unlimited bandwidth and location privacy. Obviously different VPN’s offer different things so the smarter option would be to do some research before actually subscribing to one.


It is always smart to do your research before because you will never know what you might like from one VPN more than another, always try and find a VPN provider that accommodates you. Also never forget that you should always look for one with a kill switch because if anything happens with the connection you information might end up leaking online so always be safe! Besides this the perks of owning a VPN far outweigh the risk, the ability to freely search all the internet anonymously and in private is something that nowadays we should strive for.

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