June 23, 2024

Discover the many advances of using browser isolation technology


Protecting your network means going to war against current and future threats against it. The hacker community has become ever more inventive over the last decade. They have figured out ways of penetrating networks without the knowledge of administrators. It is no longer enough to have basic protections against these threats; you must employ a defense in-depth strategy.

Brower isolation technology has also made advances over this time. It is used by all companies that have put most of their operations online. Not only must your website be guarded against threats; the various internal systems that your people use to communicate and coordinate during the day must also be protected.

Browser isolation is especially effective in protecting visitors to your website against malware. The latter is an especially pernicious and vicious form of attack. It uses websites such as yours to enter the computers of unsuspecting visitors to your website. The most popular form of malware is spyware. This is software that is uploaded to your system and lies dormant until it finds the right victim for assault. Unless you have an effective browser isolation system, the software may not be detected, for it will not directly impact your network.

Once a visitor to your site clicks on a particular link, the spyware makes the leap from your network to your visitor’s computer. The spyware attempts to infiltrate and infect every user who clicks on a particular link. If the user happens to have a secure and protected computer, it will not be able to penetrate. However, for the few whose computers are unprotected it will make the jump successfully.

This will allow the hacker to monitor every activity and transaction of the visitor. They will have access to their banking information if they bank online. They will also be able to pull up the credit cards they use to make online purchases. Hackers will also be able to monitor and record laptop camera use. Hackers can then use this information to bribe the user. Indeed, some have even been so bold as to get into the networks of small businesses and hijack their entire system for ransom.

You must protect your site against this kind of activity. If you do not, you will gain a reputation for having an unsafe site. That can put a real dent in your bottom line. It can lead to the ruin of your brand and all that you have worked to build up. browser isolation technology can prevent this sort of thing from happening. It offers the most robust defense of your network that you are likely to find.

If you are looking for ways to shore up your network’s defenses, you can do no better than to isolate your system from all outside software. You should be in complete control of what is on your network. You should make it impossible for anyone to upload anything to your site without your permission. Browser isolation technology allows you to do this. It gives you an ultimate form of protection.

Are you worried about malware threats and the hackers behind them? You need be no longer. See how browser isolation technology can help you protect your network.

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