May 25, 2024

Finer Link Purchase As Per The Requirements


Link exchange, like any exchange, is not done without nothing. The backlinking software gives you specific advice for this step. Here are some methods to negotiate and get links: The link purchase: the site you contact gives you a price to pay in exchange for a link on one of its pages. Depending on the reputation of the site, prices may vary because they are completely free. Other solutions exist to buy backlinks. As you purchase links you can find the best deals.


In exchange for a link on a site, it is possible to provide prizes to win for a contest. This strategy is win-win for both parties as it allows website owners to increase their traffic.

Location of links: Some SEO agencies also advocate the rental of links, less expensive than the direct purchase of a backlink.

Propose product tests to bloggers: by sending one or more products from your company, you propose to a blogger specialized in your topic to perform a test. For more natural, it is necessary not to intervene too much on the contents even if the anchor of the link is not optimized. The risk is that the blogger is not satisfied by the products in question. There are a multitude of link buying methods that need to be varied to carry out an effective netlinking campaign.

What results wait after buying a backlink?

Some sites are specialized in the purchase of links and offer a large choice of backlink against payment. Prices can nevertheless be quickly raised in the field of netlinking benefits. But a good link from a site with high Page Rank can quickly boost the notoriety of your website.

The software tells you the most relevant sites to get or buy a link. This practice can help some sites to boost their SEO. Attention is needed nevertheless. Once paid, some authors can put your link in “nofollow” or delete it. As a result, the link you bought is not taken into account by Google. Back to square one.

Buying backlink and other netlinking solutions

There are a multitude of methods to get backlinks in a “clean” way, that is to say, via practices not penalized by Google.

Link-to-Content Exchange: This is the “classic” link exchange method. The creation of the backlink is often done against content. This works well if you have several websites, for example, to avoid direct exchanges of a site A to a site B. It is thus necessary to write content where we can integrate a link to a partner site, which will do the same on one of your other sites of the same notoriety.

Create a blog: This very time-consuming solution must have a function other than that of creating backlinks so as not to be too expensive. Nevertheless, a professional blog of good quality and with a strong audience can help you boost the notoriety of your e-commerce site or showcase site.

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