April 24, 2024

The best of WP as Per the Requirement


When one embarks on the creation of a website, many questions arise: which host to choose for its website? Which platform to choose: WordPress, Wix? Do we create our own site where do we go through a developer?

These questions are legitimate and we ask them all when we want to create a new website.When we started entrepreneurship more than 10 years ago, we wanted to go through a professional for the creation of my site. An experience that was complicated for me, because the site that we was offered did not please me at all. After this experience can be conclusive, we decided to start creating my site to be able to do it and manage it as we wanted.

As we say, we are never better served than by ourselves

Not being a developer and having never had any experience in the creation of site, we asked for advice from professionals of the profession. They advised me all to choose WordPress for the creation of my site and the host 1 & 1.fr. So we followed their advice. For the wp forms discount you can expect the best now.

1 & 1 was very convenient for me because they had a package for people who create a site with WordPress. They preinstall WordPress for us. For me, this solution was very simple and suited me perfectly. In addition, the customer service has always been very professional and helped me whenever we had a problem.

That’s why, when we arrived in Canada, we decided to stay at 1 & 1 for my 2nd website www.sophielaouenan.com, they also offer packages for WordPress sites, so we installed my website very WordPress quickly and simply without technical complication.

1 & 1 package wordpress website

If you want other hosts, you can visit the sites of hosters like: Go Daddy ,SiteGround , Hostpapa.ca …. SiteGround and Hostpapa also offer packages for WordPress and preinstall for you.

There are of course other hosts, do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals and see the host who suits you best.

Once you have your web host with WordPress preinstalled and your domain name, you will be able to install your template / WordPress theme.

Which template to choose for my WordPress site?

A theme / template allows you to manage the visual rendering of your website. It will allow you to customize the graphic and visual appearance of your site.

Many free and paid templates will be available. The template that we use for several years and that we really find very good is the template DIVI.


You will have the choice between 2 options: 1 subscription or the possibility to buy once and for all the template.weadvise you the second option which will cost you dear month in the end. You can use the same template for many of your websites.

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