April 24, 2024

Private or public cloud differences


Different cloud services provide you with various features. The two major types of cloud services are private and public cloud services.

A private cloud service is where all of the data of a particular enterprise is stored behind a firewall. This belongs to the enterprise and they can make it customizable to their requirements.

A public cloud service is where the data is stored with a public service provider. Examples of popular public service providers are Google App Engine or Amazon web service.

The difference between a private cloud service and a public cloud service is mentioned below

1. The number of users:

In terms of users, in a public cloud service multiple people and enterprises use it. The infrastructure is shared by the public. Whereas in the case of a private cloud service provider, the infrastructure belongs to a private organization. It is for a single enterprise.

2. Cost:

A public cloud service is more affordable as compared to a private cloud service. It is cheaper to get public cloud hosting. In the case of private cloud hosting one might require to spend more on their requirements as compared.

3. Internet connectivity:

In a public cloud service it is connected to the public internet. In the case of the private cloud service, the internet is connected to is only a private service provider.

4. Security:

One of the major differences between a private and public cloud service is security. Private cloud services provide more of a security, naturally. However, options are available in public cloud services as well.

5. Set-up:

Setting up a public cloud service is easier as compared to a private cloud service. However, you can take help from agencies such as WeHaveServers.com to help you ease the process.

Overall, both of the services can fulfill your requirements. The factors to consider when you have to choose the cloud hosting service are your budget, requirement of security, the ease of setting up, and the features you expect in your cloud server. It is better to consult agencies that can provide you information and guide you through the process.

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